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Kontron FMC-SER0 FPGA Mezzanine Card and KIT-FMC-DEV VITA 57 FMC Development Kit

Kontron rolled out the FMC-SER0 FPGA Mezzanine Card and the KIT-FMC-DEV VITA 57 Development Kit. The Kontron FMC-SER0 is an FMC HPC single-width module. It is designed to interface with any VITA 57 host board. The Kontron VITA 57 Development Kit KIT-FMC-DEV enables designers to use the Kontron FMC-SER0 as a reference design. All Kontron VITA 57 products are available now. They can be ordered directly off the shelf or as customized application ready platforms and can be bundled with Kontron’s long term supply program, which guarantees customers multi-year supply of the product beyond its active life.

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Kontron COM Express FPGA Starterkit

Kontron’s new COM Express starter kit features an Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA. The Kontron COM Express FPGA Starterkit provides all the required components to evaluate board designs with open-definable I/Os. The kit helps OEM developers with the development of FPGA-based, dedicated applications. It reduces overall R&D costs and time to market for the OEM’s custom platforms. The first evaluation models of the Kontron COM Express FPGA Starterkit are available now. Series production is planned for Q1 2011.

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Xilinx Spartan-6 PCIe I/O Reference Design

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas introduced the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA PCIe I/O Reference Design for embedded applications. The reference design includes a complete set of software drivers connecting Kontron’s nanoETXexpress-SP module (features the Intel Atom Z510 processor, 1.1 GHz) with the Xilinx Spartan-6 SP605 development board via the PCI Express bus. The evaluation carrier board also features a LVDS-DVI video output adapter and heat spreader. The development kit is priced at $495.

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