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ADI AD9250 250 MSPS ADC Simplifies High-Speed Data Converter-to-FPGA Interconnect Design

Analog Devices AD9250 dual-channel, 14-bit, 250 MSPS, A/D converter

Analog Devices announced their AD9250 dual-channel, 14-bit, 250 MSPS, A/D converter. It supports the JEDEC JESD204B serial output data interface standard. The ADI AD9250 device features a simplified interface that is ideal for next-generation FPGA-based applications in software-defined radio and medical ultrasound. The 250 MSPS AD9250-250 is available now for $131.57. A 170 MSPS pin-compatible version (AD9250-170) is available for $72.49.

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Xilinx to Discuss Stacked Silicon Interposer Technology at DesignCon 2012

At DesignCon 2012, Xilinx will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of 3D IC standards. Xilinx will also present papers on Stacked Silicon interposer technology and the design benefits of using the Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform (EPP). In addition, Xilinx will also demonstrate the latest Xilinx FPGA platforms featuring advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) performance, low power, FMC migration, high-speed connectivity, and Xilinx’s Agile Mixed Signal (AMS) Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). DesignCon 2012 will take place January 30 – February 2, 2012 in Santa Clara, California.

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Xilinx Showcases Intel QuickPath Interconnect for FPGA Devices

At the Intel Developer Forum, Xilinx demonstrated the Intel QuickPath Interconnect (Intel QPI) technology for enabling the integration of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) in high performance computing applications. Xilinx showed how Virtex FPGA devices can support the low latency and memory coherency benefits of Intel QPI when paired with Intel Xeon processors in HPC systems.

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Mercury Protocol Offload Engine Technology for Intel Subsystems

Mercury Computer Systems launched their Protocol Offload Engine Technology (POET) protocol-agnostic, multi-standard switch fabric technology. POET is a downloadable FPGA firmware collection of open standards technologies providing interconnectivity between boards, systems, and sensors for Mercury’s Intel-based subsystems. The technology enables scalable, high speed, and deterministic communications and I/O. POET interconnect efficiently extends the capabilities of the Intel-based subsystem. Mercury’s Protocol Offload Engine Technology is the first multi-fabric connectivity solution for Intel processors.

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