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Serial RapidIO Gen 2 v1.2 Endpoint, CPRI v4.1, and JESD204B v.1.1 IP Cores

Xilinx recently introduced the Serial RapidIO Gen 2 v1.2 Endpoint LogiCORE, CPRI v4.1 LogiCORE, and JESD204B v.1.1 LogiCORE IP cores. The Xilinx three LogiCORE IP cores support connectivity standards and will help developers address design challenges in building new wireless equipment with higher system capacities. The Serial RapidIO Gen 2 v1.2 Endpoint LogiCORE IP, JESD204 v1.1 LogiCORE IP , and CPRI v4.1 LogiCORE IP are ideal for building programmable, flexible and cost effective 3G+/4G wireless base stations. They are available in Xilinx’s ISE Design Suite 13.3 and can be evaluated free of charge.

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