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Xilinx All Programmable Abstractions Improves Productivity

Xilinx All Programmable Abstractions

Xilinx introduced their All Programmable Abstractions initiative. Xilinx All Programmable Abstractions improve productivity of hardware designers and help systems and software developers to directly leverage All Programmable FPGA, SoCs, and 3D ICs. Xilinx and its ecosystem Alliance members now support a combination of software, model, platform, and IP-based design environments.

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Altera to Host FPGA Related Seminars in September

Altera is hosting a series of FPGA related seminars in September. The training will take place in cities across the US and Canada. The classes are:

  • Designing with an ARM-based SoC
  • Developing Software for an ARM-based SoC
  • Parallel Computing with OpenCL Workshop
  • Advanced Timing Analysis with TimeQuest
  • Timing Closure with the Quartus II Software
  • Introduction to the Qsys System Integration Tool
  • Advanced Qsys System Integration Tool Methodologies

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Acromag Introduces APCe8670 PMC Module Carrier Card

Acromag APCe8670 PMC module Carrier Card with PCI Express Bus Interface

The Acromag APCe8670 carrier card features a PCI Express bus interface for PC-based embedded systems. Acromag’s FPGA modules or other PMC modules can be plugged into the PMC module carrier card to perform a variety of signal processing functions. With the APCe8670, system designers can use a wide range of available PMC FPGA and I/O modules when developing advanced computing systems on a PC platform with a PCI express bus. Prices start at $750 for the Acromag APCe8670.

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Enclustra Mars ZX3 Embedded Processing Module Features Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA

Enclustra Mars ZX3 embedded processing module (EPM)

Enclustra’s Mars ZX3 embedded processing module is based on the Xilinx Zynq-7020 Extensible Processing Platform. The Mars ZX3 EPM provides a complete system solution in an industry-standard SO-DIMM form factor (68 x 30 mm). The ZX3 is the third member of the Mars family of SO-DIMM sized FPGA modules. The first members included the Mars MX1 and Mars MX2 based on the Artix-7 family of Xilinx FPGA’s. All Mars modules share a common pinout (with some restrictions) which enables easy migration.

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CommAgility AMC-V7-2C6678 AMC Module Features Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA

CommAgility AMC-V7-2C6678 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) module

CommAgility introduced the AMC-V7-2C6678 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) module. The AMC-V7-2C6678 features the latest Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA and two Texas Instruments TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs. It includes Serial RapidIO (SRIO), Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express. The AMC-V7-2C6678 DSP/FPGA Card is available now. It is ideal for high performance DSP/FPGA processing applications like telecoms and image processing.

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Kickstarter: Red Pitaya Open Source Measurement and Control Tool

Red Pitaya open source measurement and control tool

Red Pitaya is raising money on Kickstarter for their open source measurement and control tool. The Red Pitaya tool replaces many expensive laboratory instruments for only a few hundred dollars. For instance, their tool can be use as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, arbitrary signal generator, frequency response analyzer, and PID controller. The tool features a FPGA: Xilinx Zynq 7010 SoC (17,600 LUTs, 28k Logic Cells, 80 DSP slices).

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Impulse Accelerated Technologies Debuts AOE Experimenter’s Software Simulator

Experimenter's Simulation Software

Impulse Accelerated Technologies introduced software that helps developers to quickly evaluate the architecture offered by Solarflare’s new ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE). Solarflare’s AOE integrates a large Altera FPGA in a network-friendly PCIe form factor. It is a platform for developers to explore software/hardware codesign, and it can scale up for field deployment.

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Xilinx Implements First UltraScale ASIC Class Programmable Architecture

Xilinx UltraScale Architecture

Xilinx has taped out the semiconductor industry’s first 20nm device, and the PLD industry’s first 20nm All Programmable device. In addition, Xilinx has also implemented the industry’s first ASIC-class programmable architecture called UltraScale. According to Xilinx, the company is about a year ahead in delivering 1.5–2X more realizeable system-level performance and integration.

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Nallatech Introduces 385 and 395 FPGA Accelerator Cards

Nallatech 395 accelerator card

Nallatech introduced the 385 and 395 accelerator cards. The new PCIe cards feature Altera Stratix V FPGAs. Nallatech’s accelerator cards are also qualified by leading vendors’ high density server and blade platforms and are ready for deployment with pre-integrated software and IP. The FPGA-based cards are ideal for financial applications such as high frequency trading, derivative pricing, and risk management. The 385 and 395 accelerator cards are available now.

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Microsemi Launches IGLOO2 Field Programmable Gate Array Family

Microsemi IGLOO2 FPGA family

Microsemi launched their IGLOO2 field programmable gate array family. The new FPGA devices are ideal for industrial, commercial aviation, defense, communications and security applications. Pricing for IGLOO2 starts at less than $7 for high volume orders. The M2GL050 is shipping in volume production now with subsequent device configurations rolling out throughout 2013 and early 2014. IGLOO2 FPGAs will be available in extended temperature offerings of up to 125 degrees centigrade temperature junction.

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