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Lattice Semiconductor Debuts Diamond v2.2, iCEcube2 v2013-03 Software

Lattice Semiconductor released Diamond v2.2 FPGA logic design software and iCEcube2 v2013-03 software for the iCE40 device family. Both Lattice software tools can be downloaded now. Lattice Diamond and iCEcube2 are ideal for low-power, low-cost, space-constrained systems. The software releases support new additions to Lattice’s ultra-low density FPGA product line.

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Lattice Semiconductor Launches Diamond 2.0 Design Software

Lattice Diamond 2.0 design software for FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor released the latest version of their Diamond design software. Lattice Diamond 2.0 features advanced support for the new LatticeECP4 FPGA family. Lattice Diamond 2.0 software includes a complete set of easy to use, powerful design tools fine-tuned specifically for the logic fabric of their low power, low cost mid-range FPGA devices. New features include System Planner to support LatticeECP4 architecture and simplify the creation of complex high-speed 6 Gbps serial data transmission solutions without compromising cost targets.

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Lattice PAC-Designer Mixed Signal Design Software, Version 6.1

Lattice Semiconductor introduced version 6.1 of their PAC-Designer mixed signal design software. PAC-Designer v6.1 features updated support for Lattice’s Platform Manager, Power Manager II and ispClock devices. The tool is also now integrated with Diamond 1.3 design software tools to increase digital design options for Platform Manager products. PAC-Designer 6.1 is available now for free download. Once downloaded and installed, PAC-Designer 6.1 software requires no license.

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