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Beyond Semiconductor, CAST Debut BA25 Advanced Application Processor

BA25 Advanced Application Processor Core ~ Beyond Semiconductor and CAST

Beyond Semiconductor and CAST announced the BA25 Advanced Application Processor. It is the latest member of the BA2x family of 32-bit processor IP cores. The BA25 Advanced Application Processor Core is available now and is already in use by early customers. The IP core is ideal for demanding embedded applications. It is suitable for use as the main processor for systems running general-purpose operating systems like Linux or Android.

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CAST 32-bit BA22 Processor Cores for Embedded Systems

CAST announced their royalty-free BA22 Processor IP Family for ASICs and FPGAs. The new IP cores are based on the BA22 design sourced from Beyond Semiconductor. The BA22 processor cores feature pipelined 32-bit RISC BA22 architecture, caches and memory management units, up to 32 general purpose registers, enhanced arithmetic processing capabilities (divider and floating point units), power-management unit, interactive JTAG-based debug capability, 1.41 DMIPS/MHz, frequencies from 50 MHz to over 300 MHz, 12,000 to 38,000 gates, and require only 0.023 mW/MHz (in a 65nm process).

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GCC C-Compiler and Linker Support LatticeMico8 Microcontroller

Lattice Semiconductor and Beyond Semiconductor teamed together on the LatticeMico8 development tools. The GNU software development tools include a LatticeMico8 port of version 4.4.3 of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and version 2.18 of GNU Binary Utilities (binutils – assembler, linker, etc). The tool suite for the LatticeMico8 soft processor is available now.

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Lattice Semiconductor, Beyond Semiconductor Team on Compiler Tools

Lattice Semiconductor is partnering with Beyond Semiconductor to develop compiler tools for Lattice’s soft processors. The collaboration will include updates and performance improvements for Lattice’s embedded processor IP compilers and development tools. Software developers need a powerful set of familiar, integrated tools for compilation, simulation, debug, and analysis in order to quickly write efficient and robust code.

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