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Xilinx Implements First UltraScale ASIC Class Programmable Architecture

Xilinx UltraScale Architecture

Xilinx has taped out the semiconductor industry’s first 20nm device, and the PLD industry’s first 20nm All Programmable device. In addition, Xilinx has also implemented the industry’s first ASIC-class programmable architecture called UltraScale. According to Xilinx, the company is about a year ahead in delivering 1.5–2X more realizeable system-level performance and integration.

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Xilinx Announces Three First in 20nm All Programmable Devices

Xilinx 20nm product portfolio

Xilinx made three announcements about the execution and introduction of their next generation 20nm All Programmable Devices. The announcements are about the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite, tape out of their first 20nm product on TSMC’s 20SoC manufacturing process, and their first ten customer engagements on 20nm architecture evaluations and implementation activities.

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Altera Shares Plans for Next Generation 20nm Products

Altera Next Generation 20nm Products

Altera revealed plans for their next generation of 20nm products. According to the company, they will offer a system-integration platform that combines the hardware programmability of FPGAs with the software flexibility of digital signal processors and microprocessors along with the efficiencies of application-specific hard intellectual property (IP). Altera’s next-generation devices leverage TSMC’s 20nm process technology. 20nm system-on-chip (SoC) FPGAs provide engineers a software migration path from 28nm to 20nm while delivering a 50% processor subsystem performance increase.

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