Freescale HCS08 8-Bit Microprocessor IP Core

The Freescale HCS08 is a synthesizable, state-of-the-art, high performance and low power 8-bit microprocessor that can be easily integrated into any ASIC or FPGA design. The HCS08 also provides an easy migration path to Freescale’s 32-bit ColdFire architecture. Using Freescale’s CodeWarrior integrated development environment, assembly code for the HCS08 can be retargeted to the 32-bit V1 ColdFire with just a few mouse clicks. The Freescale HCS08 core is available for licensing nowfrom IPextreme. The IP core is offered in a complete package that includes synthesizable source code, integration test bench, and complete documentation. Encrypted versions of the core are available from the Core Store at US $10,000. Full source code versions of the HCS08 and other Core Store IP are also available for additional fees.

Freescale HCS08 8-bit microprocessor

Freescale HCS08 8-Bit Microprocessor

  • 8-bit processor core with 16 to 22-bit address bus (address width depends on MMU configuration)
  • 64-KB accessible program/data memory space (extended to (up to) 4 MB by an optional integrated memory management unit (MMU))
  • 68HC08 instruction set with added BGND instruction
  • Additional addressing modes for the LDHX, STHX, and CPHX instructions improve C code efficiency
  • 48 vectors for interrupt and reset sources
  • Low-power mode support through the execution of the STOP and WAIT instructions
  • Support for suspending CPU operations when there is an access to a slow memory device or peripheral
  • Illegal address detection and management
  • Security management
  • Debug support through BDC module
  • External pipe rebuild and change-of-flow output signals for enhanced debugging
  • Fully-synthesizable, synchronous design
  • All functional I/O signals registered at the core boundary
  • Fully scannable design

More info: IPextreme HCS08 8-Bit Processor