Synopsys Synplify Pro FPGA Synthesis Tool Supports Actel SmartFusion

Synopsys announced enhanced FPGA synthesis support for Actel’s new SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs. The enhanced version of Synopsys’ Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis tool is available now. Engineers who have obtained Synplify Pro software through the Actel Libero Integrated Develop Environment or directly from Synopsys will receive support for SmartFusion devices at no extra cost.

Synopsys’ Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis tools have been enhanced to offer advanced support and timing optimization for the flash-based FPGA architecture that provides the programmable digital portion of the SmartFusion devices.

The Synplify Pro software produces high-performing, cost-effective FPGA designs. Its Behavior Extracting Synthesis Technology (B.E.S.T) feature performs optimization first at a high level before synthesizing the RTL code into specific FPGA logic. This approach allows for superior optimization across the FPGA, runs fast and supports very large design sizes.

More info: Synopsys | Actel