Synplify DSP ASIC Edition

Synplicity’s Synplify DSP ASIC Edition software allows users to automatically develop high-quality RTL code from designs specified at the algorithm level for implementation into either an FPGA or ASIC device. Benefits of Synplify DSP ASIC Edition include:

  • Rapidly create technology-independent DSP algorithm models
  • Comprehensive DSP library with comprehensive multi-rate and vector math support
  • Easy fixed-point quantization and analysis tools
  • User-extensible and customizable IP methodology
  • DSP Synthesis engine creates optimized RTL implementation and testbench
  • Saves months of hand coding by automatic optimizations for pipelining, folding, and multi-channelization

The Synplify DSP ASIC Edition automatically implements algorithms allowing designers to explore speed and area tradeoffs, often leading to significant area and timing improvements over hand-coded approaches. Because of this automation users can capture designs, explore implementation architectures and target them to FPGAs or their chosen ASIC technology. This results in significant productivity improvements often achieving 10 to 20x less development and verification time than otherwise required.

The Synplify DSP ASIC Edition software starts at $44,500 for a floating, one-year time-based license.

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