Synplicity Confirma Platform

Synplicity’s (Nasdaq:SYNP) Confirma(TM) platform is a verification solution that improves the traditional ASIC and ASSP verification process. The Confirma platform brings together best-in-class hardware and software tools, creating a tightly integrated, hardware-assisted verification solution for today’s and tomorrow’s ASIC and ASSP verification challenges. The Confirma platform includes Synplicity’s Certify(R) tool, the industry standard for multi-FPGA partitioning and implementation; as well as Identify(R) Pro software with TotalRecall(TM) technology providing full visibility into the design under test; and, the HAPS (HARDI ASIC Prototyping System) FPGA-based prototyping hardware, the most flexible prototyping boards on the market today.

The three major components of the Confirma platform, as stand-alone tools, are already considered best-in-class: the Certify software takes an existing ASIC design and partitions it into multiple FPGAs; the HAPS prototyping boards are the hardware execution engine; and Identify Pro software, with its revolutionary TotalRecall technology, provides full visibility and a seamless interface into industry-standard software simulators for easy debugging. When used together, the tools provide the highest-performance ASIC and ASSP verification platform available today. In addition, the Confirma platform’s modular and scalable architecture deploys prototypes as replicates, thus significantly reducing overall system verification time for software developers and systems integrators by enabling them to run actual software applications.

The Certify software is the leading product for ASIC/ASSP prototyping using multiple FPGAs. The Certify tool combines RTL multi-chip partitioning with best-in-class FPGA synthesis. Using the Certify tool makes FPGA-based prototyping significantly easier, shortens prototype development time, improves prototype performance, and enables faster time-to-market.

The Identify Pro tool is a revolutionary new ASIC and ASSP verification solution. The Identify Pro software, featuring Synplicity’s TotalRecall technology, provides designers with full visibility into FPGA-based ASIC and ASSP prototypes, thus enabling users to find, fix and verify functional errors at speeds approaching that of the real chip. The Identify Pro software improves the productivity of existing verification methodologies, such as assertion-based verification, simulation and emulation, resulting in a significantly reduced overall verification time while at the same time improving verification coverage and quality.

HAPS (HARDI ASIC Prototyping System) is the first modular FPGA board system providing high speed, high capacity, real-time debugging and full ASIC functionality for ASIC prototyping designers. The system is composed of multi-FPGA motherboards and standard or user developed daughter boards. To accommodate very large designs, users can connect several motherboards in many different ways. HAPS boards give designers virtually the same functionality as the ASIC, at speeds approaching that of the ASIC.

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