SiliconBlue Bundles Synplify ProFPGA Synthesis Software with iCEcube

SiliconBlue will distribute a version of the Synopsys Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis software with their iCEcube software. The included version of the Synplify ProFPGA synthesis software is optimized for iCE65 family of mobileFPGA devices.

The customized version of the Synplify Pro software will contain all of the features of the standard version, and will be tuned for the SiliconBlue mobile FPGA device architecture.

Synplify ProFPGA synthesis software will have a thorough understanding of the unique architectural structure of SiliconBlue’s devices. The customized Synplify Pro software can generate a high-performing netlist optimized for low area utilization – an important consideration in low power applications. Users of the Synplify Pro software can choose to generate either Verilog or VHDL netlists to be used for simulation from the software. The Synplify Pro software will also be tightly integrated and tested with SiliconBlue’s iCEcube software.

SiliconBlue is a leader in ultra-low power, single-chip SRAM FPGAs.

More info: SiliconBlue Technologies | Synopsys