siXis SX1000 Reconfigurable Computing Platform

siXis, Inc. announced the SX1000 Reconfigurable Computing Platform. The SX1000 is based on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. It provides desktop supercomputing power and is modular and extremely scalable. The SX1000 utilizes SiCB technology. It is significantly smaller, provides higher performance, uses less power and generates less heat than any other high performance reconfigurable computing system available today. The SX1000 Reconfigurable Computing Platform will be available in the second half of 2009. The SX1000-DS is currently available with a six to eight week delivery lead time.

siXis SX1000-DS Development System

The company’s SiCB technology integrates packaged and unpackaged semiconductor devices on large-area silicon substrates, replacing the current method of putting packaged die onto a conventional printed circuit board. Previously, silicon circuit boards were limited to approximately one square inch while demonstrating reliability problems at larger sizes. With siXis’ technology, reliable silicon circuit boards up to 24 square inches are now possible.

Products that use siXis SiCB technology will have a significantly smaller form factor (a ten to one reduction in area and 100 to one reduction in volume), exhibit higher performance, be scalable, weigh less, use less power, have higher reliability and be less expensive than products available today.

More info: SX1000 Reconfigurable Computing Platform