Tektronix Selects Altera HardCopy II

Tektronix Inc. was able to reduce the development time of its latest oscilloscopes by 20% by using HardCopy® II ASICs from Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR). The HardCopy II system development methodology (instead of a standard-cell ASIC-based approach) played a key role in Tektronix’s rapid delivery of the new MSO2000 Mixed Signal and DPO2000 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope series.

This new series provides powerful tools to simplify the debug of mixed-signal designs — including Wave Inspector® search and navigation tools, automatic decoding of serial data buses, and unique FilterVu[tm] variable low-pass filters to reduce unwanted noise from signals — all in a portable, affordable package. Altera® HardCopy II ASICs are instrumental in implementing these capabilities, as well as performing acquisition and display functions by receiving data from the A/D, storing the data, converting the data to images, and driving the LCD.

The HardCopy system development methodology delivered the lowest total cost and lowest risk designs. Tektronix was able to save valuable development time by prototyping on Stratix II devices to get its system, firmware and system software ready prior to HardCopy II ASIC design handoff.

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