Video: 40nm FPGA and 8.5-Gbps Transceiver Demo

Altera has a 4-minute video featuring its new 40nm FPGA. The video will showcase 1.5 Gbps LVDS performance and 8.5 Gbps transceiver operating with excellent signal integrity. Viewers will see eye diagrams demonstrating very low jitter, and learn how pre-emphasis and equalization improve signal integrity and allow for very long traces.

Stratix IV FPGA Features

  • Benefit from early access to TSMC’s industry-leading 40 nm process technology
  • Design with the highest density, highest performance, and lowest power FPGAs
  • Get unprecedented system bandwidth with superior signal integrity at 8.5 Gbps

More info: Video Demo: 40 nm FPGA and 8.5 Gbps Transceiver