Altera Stratix IV GX FPGAs Now in Volume Production

Altera is shipping volume production of their 40nm Stratix IV GX EP4SGX230 FPGAs. The 36 transceivers embedded in the EP4SGX230 FPGA offer superior signal integrity with excellent jitter performance at data rates operating between 600 Mbps and 8.5 Gbps. The transceivers support several key industry standards and serial protocols such as PCI Express Gen1 and Gen2 (x1, x4 and x8), Serial RapidIO, Gigabit Ethernet, XAUI, CPRI (including 6G CPRI), CEI 6G, GPON, SFI-5.1 and Interlaken. The EP4SGX230 FPGA features 230K logic elements (LEs), 13.9 Mbits of embedded memory and 1,288 18×18 multipliers. Engineering samples of Altera Stratix IV E, Stratix IV GX and Stratix IV GT FPGAs are also available now. Altera remains on schedule to ship the entire Stratix IV FPGA family in volume production by April 2010.

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