Altera Rolls Out Stratix IV E EP4SE820 FPGA

Altera has begun production shipment of the Stratix IV E EP4SE820 FPGA device. The EP4SE820 is the highest density member of the 40-nm Stratix IV FPGA family and features 820K logic elements (LEs). The Altera Stratix IV E EP4SE820 FPGA is ideal for high-end applications that require high-density, high-performance and low-power FPGAs, including ASIC prototyping and emulation, wireless, wireline, military, computer and storage.

The Stratix IV E EP4SE820 device is the industry’s highest density FPGA in production, delivering up to 820K LEs, 23.1-Mb embedded memory and 960 18×18 multipliers. The Stratix IV EP4SE820 FPGA gives ASIC-prototyping designers the ability to implement designs up to 15 million ASIC gates on a single FPGA, which helps to simplify board design and accelerate prototyping cycles.

To date, several board vendors selected the EP4SE820 FPGA for their next-generation ASIC prototyping boards and systems, including The Dini Group, Iris Technologies and S2C. The high-density device is also integrated into GiDEL’s family of FPGA-based high-performance computing (HPC) acceleration boards and ASIC prototyping systems.

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