Achronix Speedster22i FPGAs Feature High Density and High Performance Versions

Achronix Semiconductor Speedster22i HD and HP Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)

Achronix Semiconductor revealed details of their Speedster22i HD and HP Field Programmable Gate Arrays. The Speedster22i-HP FPGA family is optimized for ultra high performance. The Speedster22i-HD FPGA is optimized for high density. The Speedster22i FPGA Platform uses Intel’s 22nm process technology. Engineering samples of the HD1000 will start shipping in the third quarter of this year. The HD1000 is the world’s largest FPGA. It features over 1 million effective LUTs and 84 Mb of embedded RAM. The remaining HD and HP FPGA devices will be released in the following 12 months.

Achronix Speedster22i FPGA devices consume half the power at half the cost of high-end 28nm FPGAs. Speedster22i devices are the first FPGAs to include fully integrated hard IP protocol functions targeted for communications applications. The hard IP in Speedster22i devices includes the entire I/O protocol stack for 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet, Interlaken, PCI Express Gen 1/2/3 and memory controllers for 2.133 Gbps DDR3. In addition, the embedded hard IP in Speedster22i FPGAs eliminate the cost of purchasing, integrating and testing these functions as soft IP.

The Speedster22i Platform consists of two FPGA families: high density (HD) and high performance (HP). The Speedster22i HD and HP share the same I/O functionality and hard IP. They are the first FPGAs to be built on Intel’s 22nm process featuring 3-D Tri-Gate transistors. Both families leverage the Achronix CAD Environment (ACE) design platform, which provides a seamless and familiar tool environment for designers.

The HD FPGAs are a synchronous based family that offers the combination of the highest density FPGA with the lowest power consumption. There are four members in the HD family with the largest device having 1.7 million effective LUTs and 144 Mb of embedded RAM. The devices feature up to sixteen 28-Gbps SerDes, sixty-four 12.75-Gbps SerDes and 960 general purpose 2.133-Gbps I/O. The Achronix HD family offers the industry’s highest I/O bandwidth. They are ideal for high-end switch and bridging applications.

The HP FPGAs feature Achronix’s patented picoPIPE self-timed architecture. They operate at up to 1.5 GHz and are three to four faster than synchronous FPGA devices. Speedster22i HP FPGAs are designed to achieve maximum performance. They are ideal for feed-forward data flow and DSP applications. The largest member of the HP family has 250 thousand LUTs and 64 megabits of embedded RAM.

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