Achronix 1.5 GHz Speedster SPD60 FPGA

Achronix Semiconductor announced the Speedster SPD60, which delivers speeds up to 1.5 GHz — a three-fold increase in performance over existing FPGAs. Achronix early engagement customers have already found success with Speedster in applications requiring ASIC-like performance namely networking, telecommunications, test and measurement, encryption and other high-performance applications. These types of applications are an ideal fit for the Speedster family of FPGAs. Volume pricing for the Speedster FPGA family ranges from under $200 to $2500.

Speedster SPD60 FPGA - Achronix Semiconductor

Speedster FPGA Building Blocks

  • Reconfigurable Logic Blocks (each configurable either as 8 4-input LUTs, or as a 128-bit RAM)
  • Multiplier Blocks (each configurable as either a single 18×18 or a dual 9×9)
  • Block RAMs (18k bits each)
  • Programmable interconnect links

The Speedster family of FPGAs uses the Achronix patented picoPIPE acceleration technology that speeds the way data moves through the FPGA fabric. In the absence of a global clock, picoPIPEs use simple handshake protocols to efficiently control data flow, resulting in significantly improved performance, all along using standard RTL for design-entry and employing familiar FPGA tools. By coupling this innovative technology with a 10.3 Gbps serializer/deserializer (SerDes) to facilitate high system throughput and integrated DDR2/DDR3 controllers for high-speed memory interface, the Speedster family provides the I/O speed to match its outstanding core performance. The device is manufactured in TSMC’s high performance 65 nm G+ CMOS process.

The Speedster 10.3 Gbps SerDes supports numerous high-speed interfaces, such as 40G/100G Ethernet, CEI-6G, 10 Gbps backplane, XFI, PCI Express (Generations 1 and 2), XAUI, Serial Rapid IO and Infiniband. Speedster FPGAs also includes a complete out-of-the-box DDR2/DDR3 solution which includes a physical layer and controller supporting memory interface speeds of up to 1066 Mbps. A key feature of Achronix’ picoPIPE technology is its tolerance to substantial variations in supply Voltage. This gives users a valuable power-management tool. Power consumption can be lowered by adjusting core supply Voltage.

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