OptNgn FFT FPGA Library Elements

OptNgn Software introduced the FFT IP Library. The vendor independent FFT libraries can process up to 250 million complex samples per second. The FFT IP libraries will help Altera, Xilinx and Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis users accelerate spectral applications. The streaming FFT IP can be downloaded. The FFT Library elements are priced from $60-$300 per element for the Xilinx and Altera versions. The Mentor Graphics version costs twice as much because of the element’s ability to be retargeted to all of the FPGA vendors supported by Mentor, including Xilinx and Altera.

OptNgn FFT FPGA Library Highlights

  • Delivered as InstaIP
  • High throughput 2-power complex 1-dimensional FFT instances tuned for use in FPGAs
  • Each element is instantly available now
  • Consists of a netlist, synthesis wrappers, simulation testbench, Scilab/Matlab validation model, scripts, and documentation
  • Library elements can perform at 250 million complex samples per second
  • Saves 3-6 man months of development and validation time for each project

The engineer selects the transform point size (16-16k), bit width (16,18,24,35), output format (natural or scrambled), and vendor (Xilinx, Altera, or Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis), and downloads the library element for instant use. These transforms are the building blocks used in applications involving spectral and signature analysis for the test, measurement and industrial markets, ODFM based communication systems, for the wireless and wired markets, video and audio filtering for the imaging and signal processing markets, and convolution based object finding and recognition algorithms, for the military, medicine, and scientific based markets.

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