Xilinx PROFINET, Motor Control, GigE Vision Targeted Design Platforms

Xilinx introduced three new industrial Targeted Design Platforms: (1) PROFINET, (2) Motor Control, and (3) GigE Vision. The new platforms are based on the low-cost Spartan-6 FPGA family. The design platforms help engineers increase performance and reduce time to market for PROFINET real time networking, advanced motor control, and GigE Vision industrial imaging applications. The PROFINET Targeted Design Platform, Targeted Design Platform for motor control and GigE Vision Targeted Design Platform are available now.

PROFINET Targeted Design Platform
This solution consists of programmable hardware, third-party software from Softing (alliance partner), and a complete reference design. The PROFINET platform reduces the time and resources needed for OEMs and engineers to produce fully functioning designs. The included daughter card supports multiple real-time industrial Ethernet protocols and legacy serial connectivity, as well as Xilinx ISE Design Suite: Embedded Edition.

Targeted Design Platform for Motor Control
This platform includes the Spartan-6 SP605 Evaluation Kit with the NetMot FMC board, IP from QDeSys, and industrial networking IP from Bosch and Beckhoff. The motor control platform provides all the building blocks needed to begin prototyping an intelligent drive control system. Engineers can start development immediately, eliminating the time traditionally needed to bring up prototype hardware. The Spartan-6 FPGA is able to host dedicated networking and motor control IP blocks operating alongside a MicroBlaze processor running application-specific software. MicroBlaze is a 32-bit customizable processor that can be implemented fully in the FPGA fabric using Xilinx soft IP. Designers can integrate multiple control and communication functions on a single FPGA board, while retaining the flexibility to enhance performance and connectivity as future system demands evolve.

GigE Vision Targeted Design Platform
The GigE Vision platform helps engineers apply the GigE Vision standard for high-speed video transport in machine vision applications. GigE Vision combines Gigabit Ethernet transport with enhancements delivering robust packet handling and real-time performance. In addition, supporting IP developed by Sensor-Image enables designers to complete solutions quickly.

In the new platforms, the Spartan-6 FPGA provides the flexible interfaces and parallel processing performance needed to manage advanced and legacy communication protocols, execute complex high-bandwidth motor-control algorithms, or handle gigabit-speed video. Xilinx’s Targeted Design Platforms and comprehensive design ecosystem assemble the development boards, kits, IP cores, tools, and silicon that enable designers to leapfrog past the design basics to focus on adding unique value.

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