Xilinx Spartan-3AN Starter Kit

Xilinx (NASDAQ:XLNX) introduced their low-cost Spartan(TM)-3AN Starter Kit. The starter kit is ideal for prototyping high-volume non-volatile applications where higher system integration or security is critical (such as broadband access, digital displays, set top boxes, data acquisition, and low-power mobile and handheld devices).

The kit provides out-of-the-box functionality with the necessary hardware, software tools, evaluation board, power supply, reference designs and accessories to get users up and running in minutes. Designers can take advantage of the robust IP security schemes of Spartan-3AN devices which include on-chip DeviceDNA, a production-stamped, unique identifier for anti-cloning; largest on-chip user flash with up to 11Mb for safekeeping critical code and JTAG lockdown to prevent backdoor access to the FPGA.

The evaluation board features a 700K system gate FPGA, and is fully equipped with subsystems such as 10/100 Ethernet PHY, 64Mbytes DDR2 SDRAM, two 16Mbit serial flash, ADC and DAC circuitry, a 2×16 LCD display for debugging, various switches, a rotary knob, and expansion headers.

The Spartan-3AN Starter Kit is available now for $225.00 for a limited time only.

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