Impulse Accelerated Technologies Debuts AOE Experimenter’s Software Simulator

Experimenter's Simulation Software

Impulse Accelerated Technologies introduced software that helps developers to quickly evaluate the architecture offered by Solarflare’s new ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE). Solarflare’s AOE integrates a large Altera FPGA in a network-friendly PCIe form factor. It is a platform for developers to explore software/hardware codesign, and it can scale up for field deployment.

The Impulse AOE Experimenter’s Software Simulator runs within an environment like Visual Studio or GCC, and provides the pragmas and extensions that enable C algorithms to be refactored into coarse grained logic, which machine compiles into multiple streaming processes to run in FPGA hardware. FPGAs are effective offload engines for some CPU bottlenecks. Shifting critical code to the FPGA’s massively parallel architecture enables critical paths to run as multiple streaming processes, accelerating computations by 10x or more over CPUs.

FPGA acceleration is used to offload custom packet inspection, preprocessing, trading, compliance, latency reduction, or instrumentation modules. The Impulse AOE Experimenter’s Software Simulator provides everything for engineers to refactor C and simulate how well it will machine compile into multiple streaming processes to run on the AOE’s FPGA. Functionality is verified within an environment like GCC or Visual Studio. Users estimate performance, starting from pipeline rate efficiency, within Impulse CoDeveloper. Later, users can acquire an AOE and compile refactored algorithms all the way to hardware.

More info: Impulse Accelerated Technologies