System-on-Chip Conference

The 6th International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference is seeking sponsors, abstracts, and speaker presentations. The upcoming SoC conference will take place at the Radisson Hotel Newport Beach, California, on Wednesday, November 5th, and Thursday, November 6th, 2008.

Panel moderators and panel members will be considered for topics such as:

  • Innovative Ideas in Chip Design (SoCs, ASICs & ASSPs)
  • Analog Integration and Design Challenges
  • Multicore, Configurable CPUs and DSPs for SoC Platform Design
  • IP Design, Modeling, and Reuse
  • EDA Tools for 45nm and Post-45nm
  • FPGA vs. ASIC vs. SoC
  • Memory Subsystems for Complex SoCs
  • Innovative Approaches for Low Power Designs
  • SoC Testing and Verification

Presenters and keynote speakers will be considered for:

  • CMOS, Scaling, and the Future
  • Innovative Embedded Memories 1T, 6T, etc.
  • Analog Integration in Complex SoCs
  • Architecting & Designing Complex Multicore SoCs
  • Analog IPs
  • Interconnect-Centric SoC Design… New Techniques & Methodologies
  • Network-on-Chip (NoC)
  • ASIC/SoC/Foundry for 45nm and Sub-45nm
  • SoC Design Challenges
  • Analog Design Challenges
  • FPGA Technology Beyond 65nm
  • High-speed IOs (SerDes, etc.) Design Challenges
  • 1394, USB, and other high-speed IO IPs
  • Modeling Techniques for SoC/ASIC Designs
  • Configurable CPUs and DSPs for SoC Platform Design
  • SIP vs. SoC vs. 3D Packaging
  • SoC Design Using Programmable ICs & Structured ASICs
  • System-on-Chip Platform Design
  • Distributed processing on One Die
  • EDA Tools for 45nm and Post-45nm
  • Memory Subsystem Design
  • Memory on-chip vs. off-chip
  • New Memory Technologies
  • New Ideas in Placement and Floorplanning
  • New Opportunities in High-level Synthesis
  • ASIC/SoC Design Methodologies
  • IP Design, Modeling, and Reuse
  • SoC Testing and Verification
  • Video Compression IPs for H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1, Wavelets, JPEG2000
  • Video-related IPs such as DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, DVB-T, HDTV, etc.
  • Is Structured ASIC Dead?
  • Wireless IPs for GPRS, HSPDA, 3.5G, 4G, 802.11n, 802.15.3a (UWB), 802.16 (WiMax), SDR (Software Defined Radio), etc.
  • Imaging System- on-Chip (I-SoC) — CMOS Image Sensors & Image Processing

More info: SoC Conference