Altera Cyclone III FPGA Powers SVS Multiviewer

Silicon Video Systems (SVS) selected Altera (NASDAQ: ALTR) Cyclone(R) III FPGAs for their multiviewer product. Multiviewers are used in professional audio/video production, security surveillance, and broadcast monitoring applications where multi-image display processing is required. In the new SVS multiviewer, the Cyclone III FPGA implements color space conversion, FIFOs, and clock conversion, as well as support for all the display resolutions. These functions required several discrete devices in prior multiviewer products.

As one of the participants in the Altera(R) Cyclone III early access program, SVS had advanced information on the new FPGA for several months prior to its announcement. This enabled SVS designers to accelerate their development and take advantage of the latest in low-cost 65-nm FPGA technology. As a result, SVS was able to launch its new product only four months following silicon availability. Design and development for complex products like SVS’s multiviewer can typically take up to year or more. The several months’ head start provided by Altera’s early access program delivered significant and tangible time-to-market benefits to SVS and other participating customers.

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