SANYO CCA-BC200 Automotive Backup Camera System

SANYO Electric Co. selected Altera Corporation’s (NASDAQ: ALTR) Cyclone® II FPGAs and Nios® II embedded processor for the CCA-BC200 Automotive Rear-View Backup Camera System. The Cyclone II FPGA featuring a Nios II embedded processor provides SANYO with a high-performance image-processing solution that minimizes distortion in wide-angle views and hard-to-interpret perspectives. The single-chip FPGA-based approach provides a more compact and reliable solution compared to digital signal processing (DSP) device-based approaches, which typically require two or more devices.

The CCA-BC200 is the industry’s first aftermarket rear-view backup camera system. The system connects to any car’s video monitor system, digitally correcting images for precise and natural views. Sanyo’s CCA-BC200 features several Altera-enabled technologies that help protect drivers from potential hazards when backing up.

Altera’s Cyclone II FPGAs combined with its Nios II embedded processor provide high-performance image-processing features, such as scaling and encoding, and control functions that out-perform the DSP processors and microcontroller combinations used in many consumer automotive applications. The Altera solution enables image transforming, filtering, smoothing, and blending that provide the CCA-BC200 with real-time “fish eye” correction and “keystoning” prevention. These capabilities deliver a clear, accurate image, allowing drivers to safely navigate backup maneuvers and see what is in their path.

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