Titan Regular Expression Processor for Altera Stratix

Titan IC Systems and Altera Corporation have teamed together to optimize Titan’s Regular Expression Processor (RXP) for Altera Stratix FPGAs. The result is a flexible and high-performance solution for content processing for next-generation high-speed networks.

The Regular Expression Processor provides the ability to perform complex regular expression processing up to 20Gb/s on an FPGA fabric. It is unique since it offers complete flexibility to the customer, both for low-cost requirements as well as high-performance, computationally intensive tasks. This flexibility allows for both on-chip and off-chip memory, depending on the number of rules to be implemented. The novel parallel, concurrent architecture allows true 20Gb/s throughput for POSIX/PCRE compatible regular expressions. It facilitates applications such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Content/URL filtering and Application Detection.

More info: Titan IC Systems | Altera