ProDesign CHIPit Manager Pro

ProDesign launched CHIPit Manager Pro, which is a register transfer level (RTL) front-end software that takes RTL directly into the CHIPit ASIC Prototyping systems. The new software includes a complete design implementation flow, including RTL parsing, dependency check, synthesis, partitioning, clock tree, bus and memory handling. The easy-to-use CHIPit Manager Pro software guides the user step-by-step through the design implementation flow. A full dependency check makes sure all important steps or settings have been done.

The new software is optimized for CHIPit hardware and takes full advantage of the system’s flexible interconnection architecture. The tool routinely analyzes the design (clock/reset nets, black boxes, size, etc.) before it runs the partitioning. The design partitioning can be done by the netlist compiler manually, automatically or a combination of both. The netlist compiler automatically finds the right number of interconnections between the different FPGAs and extension boards and the best placement of FPGAs and extension boards.

With its new incremental design implementation flow, the CHIPit Manager Pro only changes targeted modules and files and leaves other parts untouched. This approach reduces the time for repetitive design implementation dramatically and gives the user much more time to work on the actual design verification. The CHIPit Manager Pro synthesis process is handled in parallel on block level and all individual tasks that allow it will be done by load sharing tools such as LSF or Open Batch. This reduces the design implementation flow to a minimum, and makes ASIC Prototyping much more attractive.

More info: CHIPit Manager