Actel RTAX-SL Field Programmable Gate Array

Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) has developed the low-power, radiation-tolerant RTAX-SL field programmable gate array (FPGA) family specifically targeted at high-reliability space- flight designs. The industry’s lowest power programmable logic solution for space applications, the new RTAX-SL family offers approximately 50% lower standby current than the leading space FPGA offering at 125 degrees C. The company also announced an extension to its prototyping portfolio for the RTAX-SL, RTAX-S and RTSX-SU families and a new EV production flow, which implements all the steps specified by QML Class V and provides a higher level of testing for its space products.

Based on Actel’s successful RTAX-S architecture, the new RTAX-SL family is comprised of three members: the RTAX250SL, RTAX1000SL and RTAX2000SL. Designed to offer radiation performance that exceeds the requirements of most space applications, the family also offers embedded memory, SEU-hardened flip-flops, high I/O count, multiple I/O standard support and hermetic packaging.

Increasing its already stringent testing and screening process, Actel’s new EV devices provide an even higher quality level for high-reliability systems used in space deployment, such as command and data handling systems, telemetry, attitude and station keeping and spacecraft health systems. The new EV production flow developed by Actel implements all of the steps specified by QML Class V, as defined in the MIL-PRF-38535, a performance-based specification document that defines the general, quality assurance and reliability requirements for the manufacture of integrated circuits intended for use in military and space applications.

The RTAX-SL devices and new prototypes for the RTAX-S and RTSX-SU can be ordered now for scheduled delivery in 4Q 2007. Devices processed to the new EV production flow can be ordered now for scheduled delivery in Q1 2008.

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