RF Engines Demodulator Cores for FPGA Devices

RF Engines Limited (RFEL) is developing demodulator cores for FPGA devices. Building blocks include many typical demodulation functions such as symbol timing recovery, fine frequency/phase estimation and correction and SNR estimation. RFEL combined these functions to support multiple demodulation schemes simultaneously – providing parallel soft-symbol data stream outputs. RFEL’s demodulator cores will be available for licensing later this year.

RF Engines is creating cores that can be optimally mapped onto both low-end, low-cost FPGAs as well as the most advanced specification FPGAs. Many of the demodulator functions have been realized by exploiting techniques pioneered on the established portfolio of signal processing cores, such as those using high performance FFTs.

RF Engines are extending their capability in very high speed channelizers for FPGA devices to create a new generation of demodulator cores that efficiently complement the channelizers. RF Engines will release several demodulator functions as standalone IP for engineers to use in designs. RFEL’s compact demodulator and channeliser solutions cost less and take up a fraction of the rack space of current products on the market (significantly reducing board count in some applications) and use less power.

More information: RF Engines