Actel Fusion FPGAs Power Sanyo Denki RA035 Encoder

Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd. selected mixed-signal Actel Corporation’s (Nasdaq: ACTL) Fusion field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for implementation in its new RA035 position detection device (encoder) for servo motors for industrial applications. The Sanyo Denki RA035 is a resolver-method absolute encoder, which enables output an absolute position information without a battery. The resolution is 131,072 divisions per rotation and the measuring range of multiple rotation is 65,536.

Sanyo selected the Fusion FPGA for its low power, high accuracy, and integration capabilities. The 600,000-gate AFS600 Actel Fusion device serves as the main process circuit, converting signals from the resolver into position data. In addition to a more than 50% reduction in power consumption versus alternative solutions, the RA035 reduces hazardous waste and eliminates the need for maintenance by enabling the detection of the absolute motor position without a battery. The Fusion-based RA035 also provides ecological advantages — reducing energy consumption equivalent to 190 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

More info: Sanyo Denki | Actel