Advanced Clock Domain Crossing Verification Using Meridian Webinar

Real Intent’s webinar titled, Advanced Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) Verification Using Meridian, has been archived and can be view for free. Designers all know that there are several CDC solutions in the market. However not all solutions are created equal. The webcast will focus on advanced capabilities that a CDC solution needs to offer to give users complete confidence of CDC operations in their design and explain why Meridian is the most precise, comprehensive, and innovative CDC solution in the market.

The number of asynchronous clock domains on a SOC (System-on-chip) is increasing rapidly due to the performance and power requirements of today’s ASIC and FPGA designs. As a result, clock domain crossing (CDC) verification has become an essential step in the verification flow. Achieving complete confidence of reliable CDC operations requires advanced CDC verification techniques, such as smart structural extraction, metastability aware formal analysis, including innovative frequency independent formal verification and intelligent hierarchical analysis. The webinar focuses on the unique and advanced capabilities offered by Meridian to ensure complete CDC confidence.

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