Meridian FPGA Verification Software

Meridian FPGA verification software, from Real Intent Inc., is specifically designed to work with Altera’s Quartus II software, version 8.1, to verify Clock Domain Crossings (CDC). It offers a cost-effective alternative when compared to the cost of equivalent ASIC design software. The FPGA version of Meridian is shipping now and priced at $15,000.00 (USD).

Meridian FPGA enables 4X faster CDC closure through automatic, template-free and powerful clock intent verification. It verifies FIFO and Protocol-driven CDC interfaces for maximal confidence. Effects specific to FPGA platforms are automatically integrated in the verification process. Meridian FPGA is tightly integrated with Quartus II software to deliver verification confidence in a seamless flow.

Meridian FPGA performs automatic clock intent verification by automatically extracting and verifying clock, reset, data and control crossings in the design to ensure reliable CDC operations. Meridian FPGA is easy to use and supports Tcl and Synopsys Design Constraint (SDC) interfaces, as well as offers flexible debug and sign-off capabilities for easy CDC verification.

More info: Real Intent