Synopsys Expanded Confirma Platform

Synopsys has expanded their Confirma rapid prototyping platform. The expanded Confirma platform now also offers a software-configurable architecture and transaction-based co-verification capability. The expanded Confirma platform is a complete suite of products for rapid prototyping including FPGA-based prototyping systems and boards, interface and memory boards, and implementation and debug software.

Confirma Hardware Platforms

  • CHIPit family of rapid prototyping systems featuring a programmable interconnect architecture for greater automation and providing emulation-like capabilities optimized for transaction-based verification
  • HAPS family of rapid prototyping boards providing high performance for system validation and embedded software development
  • An extensive collection of high-speed interface and expansion boards enabling prototypes to be easily customized to cover a wide range of applications

Confirma Software Tools

  • CHIPit Manager Pro prototype configuration and project management software
  • SCE-MI (Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface) compliant transaction-based co-verification interface
  • Certify multi-FPGA implementation and partitioning software
  • Identify Pro debug software with TotalRecall visibility enhancement technology
  • Synplify Premier, the technology-leading FPGA physical synthesis tool

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