Actel CoreFIR v4.0 IP Core Generator for RTAX-DSP FPGA Devices

CoreFIR v4.0, from Actel, is a core generator for finite impulse response (FIR) filters. The core generator uses a distributed arithmetic implementation methodology to create FPGA-based digital filters. CoreFIR v4.0 is optimized for use with Actel RTAX-DSP devices and leverages the FPGA’s embedded radiation-tolerant multiply-accumulate blocks. The IP core is ideal for radar, sonar, ultrasound, communications, medical, industrial, and military markets. CoreFIR v4.0 is now available.

Actel CoreFIR v4.0 Features

  • Highly parameterizable DirectCore RTL generator
  • High-performance, single-rate, fully-enumerated MAC filter
    • Configurable from 2 to 240 taps in RTAX-DSP devices with up to 120 math blocks
    • From 2 to 18 bits input data precision
    • From 2 to 18 bits coefficient precision
    • Signed or unsigned data and coefficients
    • Up to 46-bit accumulator width
    • Coefficient symmetry optimization
    • Runtime reloadable coefficients, multiple coefficient sets or fixed coefficients
  • CoreFIR runs up to 130 MHz in the following devices in the RTAX-DSP family:
    • RTAX2000D
    • RTAX4000D

CoreFIR v4.0 utilizes the on-chip resources of RTAX-DSP FPGAs to implement a highly parameterizable, single-rate, fully-enumerated Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter. RTAX-DSP FPGAs integrate radiation-tolerant math blocks with the spaceflight-proven industry-standard RTAX-S FPGA architecture. As opposed to high throughput DSP technologies used on SRAM FPGAs, Actel’s antifuse based RTAX-DSP devices are radiation tolerant and do not require complex multi-chip implementations to mitigate radiation effects in space. This reduces power-consumption, thermal loading and design complexity, while increasing overall system reliability.

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