Microsemi RT ProASIC 3 FPGA Devices Ready for Space

Microsemi’s radiation tolerant RT ProASIC 3 family of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) is now available in a ceramic quad flat pack (CQFP) package. Starting in April 2012, the Microsemi RT ProASIC3 FPGA devices will be available for prototyping in the CQ256 package. Fight units will be available by June 2012.

Ceramic quad flat pack packages comply with time-tested and flight-proven circuit board and assembly techniques. In addition, ceramic withstands extreme operating temperatures, which makes it an ideal material for demanding space applications.

The RT ProASIC3 field programmable gate arrays are the first devices of their type to provide space-flight hardware designers a radiation-tolerant, reprogrammable, non-volatile logic integration solution. The FPGAs are intended for low-power space applications requiring up to 350 MHz operation and up to 3 million system gates. The RT ProASIC3 FPGAs operate at a core voltage between 1.2 V for low-power applications and 1.5 V for performance-driven designs.

Microsemi’s RT ProASIC3 FPGAs are based on secure flash technology that provides immunity against damaging radiation-induced configuration upsets, while eliminating the need for additional code storage. The easily reprogrammable FPGAs also enable quick prototyping and design validation capabilities, which streamline product-development efforts.

More info: Microsemi Corporation