Lattice FPGAs Power Raptor Camera

Quest Innovations’ next generation Raptor series of scalable, intelligent Gigabit Ethernet cameras feature LatticeECP2(tm) and LatticeECP2M(tm) FPGAs (LatticeECP2/M) from Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC). Quest integrated its QuadCore IP (intellectual property) into the Lattice FPGA. The QuadCore IP is a multi-core, scalable parallel pixel processing unit. By connecting 10 QuadCore IP cores together, Quest is able to deliver more than 1 Gbyte/second image processing and transfer. The latest version of the Raptor camera system supports more than 2 mega pixels, 500 fps, and 8Gbytes of memory. The new Raptor is capable of doing pre-processing and storing up to 24 seconds of high speed image data. Quest Innovations selected LatticeECP2/M FPGAs because of the availability of the LatticeMico32(tm) open source soft microprocessor core, 840Mbps high speed LVDS I/Os, pre-engineered DDR2 memory interface IP, and the embedded, full-featured DSP blocks available with this FPGA architecture.

More info: Lattice Semiconductor | Quest-Innovations