Altera Stratix III FPGAs Power Telemetry Receiver

Quasonix’s DMS[tm] Telemetry Demodulator and RDMS[tm] Airborne Telemetry Receiver products feature Stratix® III FPGAs from Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR). Altera FPGAs’ advanced digital signal processing (DSP) modulation and filtering for the demodulators enabled Quasonix to deliver a high-performance solution for flight-test telemetry.

Altera® Stratix III FPGAs enable the Quasonix Demodulator to provide true trellis demodulation and bit synchronization for all three Advanced Range Telemetry (ARTM) waveforms — PCM/FM, SOQPSK-TG, and Multi-h CPM. The Quasonix Demodulator has the horsepower to detect and demodulate telemetry signals, even when signal-to-noise ratios approach negative figures. The Demodulator is also an integral subsystem of the 12-cubic-inch Quasonix Airborne Receiver, which offers 6- to 8-dB better overall sensitivity than the industry’s previous standard-bearers.

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