Altera Arria V GZ FPGA Increases Performance by 30%

Altera Arria V FPGA

Altera recently launched their Arria V GZ FPGA. The transceiver variant offers an overall core performance boost of more than two speed grades, which translates to a 30% increase. The Arria V GZ variant provides both the high-speed serial transceivers and the external memory capability that designers need to build bandwidth-hungry data processing systems. Altera Arria V GZ FPGAs are available now and are supported in Quartus II software v12.1.

Altera Arria V GZ FPGA

Arria V GZ FPGA devices feature 36 backplane-capable transceivers that can operate at speeds up to 12.5 Gbps. They support a variety of protocols. In addition, the variant features four separate DDR3 DIMM interfaces at 72 bits wide, operating at 1600 Mbps. The combination of transceivers, fabric performance and quantity of available off-chip memory interfaces in Arria V GZ is unique for midrange field programmable gate arrays.

Altera Arria V GZ FPGA are designed to meet the demand for more bandwidth in communications and broadcast applications. They are ideal for remote radio units, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communication equipment, in-studio mixers, and 10G/40G line cards.

Altera Arria V GZ FPGAs Features

  • First midrange FPGAs to feature hardened PCI Express Gen3 protocol stacks
  • Soft intellectual property (IP)-based memory controllers allowing for maximum flexibility
  • Most digital signal processing (DSP) in a midrange FPGA for high integration
  • Industry-leading, anti-tamper features, including enhanced advanced encryption standard (AES) and easy-to-use on-board and off-board key programming

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