DSP for FPGA Technical Course

qaqadu event gmbh is offering a DSP for FPGAs course from May 4 to 7, 2010, in Munich, Germany. The four-day DSP for FPGAs course will present and examine the use of FPGAs for DSP algorithms, applications and architectures. The DSP for FPGAs course will review DSP fundamentals from the perspective of implementation within the FPGA fabric. Particular emphasis will be given to highlighting the cost, with respect to both resources and performance, associated with the implementation of various DSP techniques and algorithms.

DSP for FPGAs Technical Course

  • FPGA Technology
  • FPGA Elements for DSP
  • DSP Arithmetic Essentials
  • Digital Filtering for FPGAs
  • Frequency Domain Processing
  • Digital Communications and FPGAs
  • Adaptive DSP Algorithms
  • Timing and Synchronisation
  • Embedded Processors for FPGAs
  • Hands-on Laboratory Sessions

The training will feature the entire software design flow from concept, to bit true simulation, to actual hardware implementation on a Xilinx Virtex II Pro device. Special attention is paid to practical experience. After each presentation a hands-on session will follow in which attendees will be able to simulate and implement the structures and architectures introduced. Each attendee will receive a comprehensive set of notes and examples for in depth study after the course.

The DSP for FPGAs technical course will be led by Professor Bob Stewart and integrate presentations and design sessions from other experienced design engineers from Steepest Ascent. It has been presented in the USA at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) twice per year since 2002, and each year at ISLI since 2004.

More info: DSP for FPGAs Technical Course Registration (pdf)