Digital Signal Processing, FPGA, and Embedded Processors Training

qaqadu announced three technical short courses starting in October 2010. The training courses are: FPGAs for Embedded Processors (October 12-14, 2010); DSP for FPGAs (November 16-19, 2010); and DSP Theory, Algorithms and Architectures (December 7-10, 2010). After each presentation, a hands-on session will follow in which engineers will be able to simulate and implement the structures and architectures introduced. The events will take place in Munich, Germany. The classes will be in English. All attendees will receive electronic and printed versions of the teaching materials. A DVD containing all the simulation models used during the course will also be distributed.

FPGAs for Embedded Processors
October 12-14, 2010
The course FPGAs for Embedded Processors will provide engineers with an overview of how embedded styled systems can be implemented within a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and discuss how FPGAs can be used as a platform for System-on-Chip (SoC) styled designs. An introduction to FPGAs and their DSP capabilities will be presented along with a detailed overview of the embedded processor and connectivity options that are available. The course will show how to implement simple hybrid software/hardware DSP algorithms. Attendees will develop existing Intellectual Property (IP) cores into hardware co-processors and combine these with soft processor cores using the various connectivity options available. Hardware/software debugging techniques will also be presented and demonstrated.

November 16-19, 2010
The intensive 4-day DSP for FPGAs course will present and examine the use of FPGAs for DSP algorithms, applications and architectures. The training course will feature the entire software design flow from concept, to bit true simulation, to actual hardware implementation on a Xilinx Virtex II Pro device. The class will present the complex mathematical theory often associated with DSP in an intuitive and straightforward style.

DSP – Theory, Algorithms and Architectures
December 7-10, 2010
The syllabus of the four day course Digital Signal Processing spans all the way from the basics of signal processing and the generic DSP system via frequency domain analysis, digital filtering, DSP software/hardware, DSP audio/baseband processing, signal (audio) source coding, adaptive DSP algorithms, computationally efficient DSP linear systems, digital communications, DSP for mobile and wireless down to DSP (software) enabled radio architectures and DSP on FPGAs. The complex mathematical theory associated with digital signal processing is presented in an intuitive and straightforward style. The following prior experience is useful but not essential: programming principles, electrical engineering principles, Bachelor level mathematics.

More information: qaqadu Training Registration Form (pdf)