TEK Microsystems QuiXilica Proteus-V5 VXS Digitizer Board

TEK Microsystems introduced the Proteus-V5, the latest member of the QuiXilica-V5 product family. The Proteus-V5 features two 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) channels, each operating at up to 5.0 GSPS (Giga samples per second). The Proteus-V5 is compatible with legacy VME systems as well as newer ANSI/VITA 41 VXS based systems and combines high density FPGA processing with ultra wide band ADC signal acquisition. The Proteus-V5 VXS is available now with standard delivery 10-12 weeks ARO.

TEK Microsystems QuiXilica Proteus-V5 VXS digitizer board

Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs are at the center of the Proteus-V5. The FPGA devices interface to the ADC, memory, network and I/O resources to provide a platform for implementing high performance real time processing. The standard configuration of Proteus-V5 uses two SX95T-2 FPGAs and one LX110T-2 FPGA. Alternatively, an LX220T, LX330T, SX240T, FX100T or FX200T FPGA can be selected in place of the LX110T FPGA to match resources to the application. All FPGAs are interconnected by both wide parallel LVDS busses and high speed serial links using the Xilinx RocketIO MGTs.

Proteus-V5 Features

  • Eight Channels: 12-bit ADC Input at 1 GSPS Each
  • Sample Accurate Synchronization Across Multiple Boards
  • High Channel Count, Low Latency Data Routing and Large / Fast FPGA Processing
  • All eight ADCs Clocked from a Common Input, or Two Independent Clock Inputs for Groups of Four ADC channels
  • Six Digital IO Channels Running at Up to 3.75 Gb/s Using One QSFP and Two SFP+ Front Panel Connections
  • Dual 4x Full Duplex VXS Links and Two Full Duplex VITA 41.6 Ethernet Links
  • Three Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs: LXT, SXT or FXT for Each Location
  • Three GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory, (one GB per FPGA)
  • Advanced Temperature and Current Monitoring
  • Convection or Conduction Cooled
  • Comprehensive Developer’s Kit Provided Including FPGA Interface Cores, QuiXtart FPGA Utilities, Software and Reference Design

More info: TEK Microsystems Proteus-V5 VXS (pdf)