TranSwitch Taurus Platform

TranSwitch® Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC) announced the Taurus Platform, which is a flexible programmable silicon platforms. The Taurus Platform is targeted for access applications. Taurus includes a targeted set of access interfaces, including GPON, Ethernet, and POTS/TDM. The company believes the TranSwitch Platform approach will create a paradigm shift in the industry by offering more flexibility and programmability than competitive architectures like FPGA and NPUs. The Taurus Platform implements most of the functions and features of the target application in software instead of a combination of hardware and software.

The product includes two RISC processors in the data plane along with a configurable buffer manager and a carrier-grade traffic manager. Control plane functions are performed by two MIPS processors. The combination of data plane processors and control plane processors along with the hardware, can be programmed for multiple applications and would allow customers not only to customize and differentiate their products but also to upgrade functions and features.

The Taurus Platform will be the basis for a series of GPON ONU solutions for SFU (single family unit), SBU (small business unit), MDU (multiple dwelling unit) and MTU (multiple tenant unit) applications with different firmware/software loads. The SFU solution is planned to be available in Q3 of this year. All the GPON product offerings will include appropriate application firmware and software to ensure that our customers’ time to market is accelerated.

The Taurus Platform will also be used to create a variety of programmable Carrier Ethernet solutions for access and CLE applications. The first of these Carrier Ethernet Products based on the Taurus platform is a programmable NID (Network Interface Device). Like all Platform based products, the NID product offering will include the hardware, software and firmware as a complete solution.

Future access products from TranSwitch will all be based on similar programmable Platforms, Taurus being the first of a series planned for introduction starting Q3 of 2008. Subsequent Platforms will be targeting different market segments and provide higher performance and more flexibility.

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