CHIPit Iridium Prototyping Suite

The CHIPit Iridium Prototyping Suite, from ProDesign, is a complete and seamless hardware assisted verification solution, that significantly improves traditional ASIC prototyping methodology and gives design engineers unprecedented speed, flexibility and ease-of-use reducing verification time dramatically in a most cost-effective manner. The price for the CHIPit Iridium Prototyping Suite (Medium) which can handle up to 4 M ASIC gates will be US$ 65,000 in North America (€ 44.000 in Europe). The price for the CHIPit Iridium Prototyping Suite (Large) which can handle up to 8 M ASIC gates will be US $95,000 in North America (€ 64.000 in Europe).

The CHIPit Iridium Prototyping Suite combines the FPGA based CHIPit hardware with the new CHIPit Manager Pro software in a, tightly, integrated solution that guarantees the shortest design implementation time with maximum performance. The new CHIPit Suite includes the CHIPit Iridium Edition hardware, a market leading prototyping system, and the recently released CHIPit Manager Pro design implementation software package which includes an integrated RTL synthesis tool, powerful design partitioning software, that efficiently handle multi-million ASIC gate designs and an embedded Schematic Viewer to analyze the design.

Increasing complexity and verification time of ASIC designs have made ASIC prototyping methodology much more attractive, because it is possible to verify the ASIC at maximum speed. The problem of traditional ASIC prototyping solutions is that users often have hardware and software from different vendors, or develop them by themselves because there is no solution available where software and hardware is seamlessly optimized for each other. This often leads to problems between hardware and software, during design analysis, synthesis and partitioning that may dramatically lengthen the time of design implementation into a prototyping system.

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