Marvell Selects CHIPit FPGA-based Prototyping System

ProDesign announced that Marvell Semiconductor has successfully taped out a next-generation printer design using CHIPit Platinum Edition and other software verification tools. CHIPit Platinum Edition is a highly scalable FPGA-based prototyping product that offers a unique programmable FPGA interconnect architecture and many software debugging features.

CHIPit is being used for early design prototyping, system validation and software development. The scalable CHIPit hardware gives Marvell the opportunity to leverage the investment over many product cycles, as well as the ability to include ProDesign’s service for individual daughter board developments.

CHIPit is more than a prototyping tool. It is a complete product family that includes tools for design partitioning, implementation guidance and numerous debugging features for host-controlled, cycle-accurate or in-circuit debugging. The ability to change the interconnections between FPGAs on the fly to achieve pipelined or bus structures or a mixture of both in a split second, paired with the ability to establish a communication between a host software application with the design under test by using the UMRBus communication feature, catapults CHIPit out of the crowd of other FPGA boards in the market. Yet, CHIPit is easy to use.

More info: ProDesign