Lattice Processor Power Manager

The ProcessorPM (Processor Power Manager) POWR605 device, from Lattice Semiconductor, is a new member of the Power Manager II family. The ProcessorPM is a programmable, single chip solution for the reset generation, watchdog timer, and voltage supervision functions. The ProcessorPM device integrates the functions of reset generator ICs with variable pulse stretch timing, watchdog timer ICs running up to two minutes, and six-supply supervisor ICs. Samples of the ProcessorPM (24-pin QFNS package) device are available now. The ProcessorPM device is priced at $0.75 in 200K piece volumes.

Lattice Semiconductor ProcessorPM (Processor Power Manager) POWR605

ProcessorPM POWR605 Features

  • Pre-Configured & Ready-to-Use
    • 6 supply rails: 5V (-5%), 3.3V (-5%), 2.5V (-5%), 1.8V (-5%), and 2 configurable via resistor circuit
    • 4 WDT period selections: 500ms, 2s, 10s, or 1m
    • 200ms Reset Pulse Stretch Enable
    • Manual Reset Input
    • WDT Trigger Input
    • CPU Reset Output
    • WDT Interrupt Output
  • Power-Down Mode ICC < 10µA
  • Programmable Threshold Monitors
    • High precision (0.7%) threshold accuracy
    • Simultaneously monitor up to six power supplies
    • Programmable analog trip points (1% step size; 192 steps)
    • Programmable glitch filter
    • Power-off detection (75mV)
  • Embedded Programmable Timers
    • Four independent timers
    • 32µs to 2 second intervals for timing sequences
  • Embedded PLD for Logical Control
    • Rugged 16-macrocell CPLD architecture
    • 81 product terms / 28 inputs
    • Implements state machines and combinatorial functions
  • Digital I/O
    • Two dedicated digital inputs
    • Five programmable digital I/O pins
  • Wide Supply Range (2.64V to 3.96V)
    • In-system programmable through JTAG
    • Industrial temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
    • 24-pin QFN package, lead free option

More info: Lattice ProcessorPM-POWR605 (pdf)