OpenFusion Integrated Circuit ORB Middleware for Quixilica

PrismTech’s OpenFusion Integrated Circuit ORB (ICO) middleware is now available for TEK Microsystems’ VXS-based Quixilica family of digitizer boards and data recording systems. The design, integration, and reuse of FPGA hardware applications is now significantly faster and less expensive for developers of distributed, high-performance computing systems, such as those used in software defined radio, radar, electronic warfare, and telecommunications.

PrismTech also delivers ICO compliance with the Software Communication Architecture (SCA) for software defined radios (SDR) using TEK Microsystems’ Quixilica boards and systems. ICO for SDR is part of PrismTech’s Spectra 2 SDR Operating Environment (OE) product family and is the only IP-core solution that extends the SCA-compliant operating environments all the way to the FPGA level.

PrismTech ICO/TEK Microsystems Quixilica development kits start at $60K.

More info:
PrismTech, Tekmicro Announce OpenFusion ICO Middleware for Quixilica
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