AKA LCD Controller IP

Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) announced that LCD driver core IP is now available as standard on its range of Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated System-on-Module (PRISM) solutions. This removes the need for any external controller or device because video displays can be driven directly from the PRISM’s FPGA. It also simplifies the process of integrating LCD and TFT displays into embedded systems.

AKA’s LCD controller IP facilitates a high frame refresh rate, which can be adjusted to optimize bandwidth requirements. Multiple color depths are supported through both palletized and true color modes. Some 2D acceleration features are implemented to enable the easy incorporation of common user interface elements such as menus, icons, cursors, fonts, bitmaps, and images. High speed access to the frame buffer memory from both FPGA and CPU is achieved through the use of a dual-ported SDRAM controller.

PRISMs are fast replacing other custom and standard platforms as they reduce system size, cut costs, minimize time to market and protect against obsolescence. With on-board FPGA-based SDRAM for video buffer storage, high-bandwidth links to host processors via local or external bus, programmable FPGA fabric, and programmable GPIO, the AKA PRISMs are ideal platforms for driving video displays of all types and sizes. AKA’s flexible display controller supports LCD and TFT displays ranging from SVGA and WSVGA to XVGA using various programmable GPIO electrical interfaces including LVDS.

More info: Advanced Knowledge Associates