IPextreme, Mentor Graphics Team on FPGA Design Flow

IPextreme®, Inc. has validated their Multi-CAN Controller, CJTAG-IEEE1149.7 IP cores, 32-bit Power Architecture e200, V1 ColdFire, V2 ColdFire, 16-bit CR16CP, and 8-bit HCS08 processor cores for use with Mentor Graphics Precision® Synthesis flow. Designers can now use the advanced features of Precision Synthesis to quickly and easily achieve superior results when integrating IPextreme cores into FPGAs.

Mentor delivers a comprehensive, vendor-independent FPGA design flow, and compatibility between Precision Synthesis and the IPextreme cores ensures success for designers. Not only is IPextreme’s IP validated on the Precision Synthesis tool, but their XPack IP packaging, distribution, configuration and support technology automatically generates configuration and constraints files for Precision Synthesis, which delivers excellent results for FPGA designers.

More info: IPextreme Inc.