RapidIO 1x LP-Serial End-Point Core for LatticeECP2M

Praesum Communications has optimized its high-performance Serial RapidIO® Interface Endpoint solution for Lattice Semiconductor’s (NASDAQ: LSCC) LatticeECP2M(tm) family of low-cost 90nm FPGAs. Lattice and Praesum will also develop complete system solutions targeting digital signal processing, embedded computing, military/aerospace and communications infrastructure for their designers who require high-performance Serial RapidIO connectivity as well as low-cost, low power, and tight form-factors. The RapidIO 1x LP-Serial End-Point Core is available from Praesum Communications now. A project license for the core is priced at $20,000 USD. A fully functional evaluation version of the core is available for the LatticeECP2M PCI Express x4 Evaluation Board.

The Praesum core supports RapidIO 1x connectivity at data rates up to 3.125 Gbps. Depending upon the chosen feature set, the RapidIO 1.3 compliant core consumes 50 – 70% of an LFE2M20, the smallest member of the LatticeECP2M family. This makes available significant device resources for implementing customer applications like bridging to data plane interfaces, such as CPRI, or control plane interfaces, such as PCI Express. In spite of its small footprint, the core supports advanced features such as the RapidIO Error Management Extensions.

More info: Lattice Semiconductor | Praesum